Advanced Cancer Therapeutics' business strategy is to leverage an innovative arrangement with the James Graham Brown Cancer Center and the breakthrough discoveries made by the more than fifty research scientists who work there. Utilizing premier contract research organizations (CRO's), ACT will identify, select and rapidly advance the most promising anti-cancer products from the preclinical stage of development through completion of Phase I clinical trials. ACT will then evaluate various value-driven strategic options for further advancement of these products into mid and late stage clinical trials in anticipation of reaching the market expeditiously. Every new biotechnology company has a business plan or strategy, but through its unique business relationship with the James Graham Brown Cancer Center, Advanced Cancer Therapeutics is uniquely positioned to advance the most appealing discoveries among a portfolio of products and make a positive impact in the lives of cancer patients.

ACT business model is to partner with commercial pharmaceutical companies prior to or at the completion of Phase 1 human clinical trials.

Advanced Cancer Therapeutics