Dr. Donald Miller
Board Member of Advanced Cancer Therapeutics

Dr. Donald M. Miller is a cofounder and Board Member for Advanced Cancer Therapeutics. He is the Director of the James Graham Brown Cancer Center and Associate Vice President of Health Affairs at the University of Louisville. He received his M.D. and Ph.D. from Duke University, trained in Internal Medicine at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital at Harvard University. Dr. Miller did his Oncology training and a research fellowship at the National Cancer Institute. He has been on the faculty at the University of Michigan and the University of Alabama at Birmingham, prior to coming to Louisville. Over the past 15 years, the Brown Cancer Center (BCC) has developed a nationally recognized research program in cancer drug development with more than a two dozen novel treatments being studied in their labs, with three entering early phase clinical trials. The unique strengths of BCC scientists have led to the formation of Advanced Cancer Therapeutics (ACT), a University/private investor partnership to develop novel therapeutics from the Brown Cancer Center labs. Dr. Miller’s laboratory is currently studying short DNA sequences which cause cancer cells to “commit suicide”. These genomic DNA sequences will enter clinical trials within the next two years.

Advanced Cancer Therapeutics