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Advanced Cancer Therapeutics (ACT) is leading innovation within the biotechnology industry. Founded in January 2007, the company is focused on the discovery and early development of novel cancer therapeutics as well as selection for partnership, commercialization and manufacture of the most promising discoveries. Utilizing its groundbreaking business arrangement with the James Graham Brown Cancer Center and the University of Louisville Research Foundation, ACT will establish exclusive rights to specific novel therapeutics and fast-track these leading edge discoveries to the pharmaceutical industry, and ultimately the patients who need them.

recent news

ACT has successfully completed Phase I trial with PFK-158 in July 2016. PFK-158 demonstrated safety and anti-cancer activity in 6 out of 19 evaluable pateints with various advanced solid tumors.

ACT entered into two material transfer agreements (MTA) with two top 20 pharmaceutical companies to evaluate PFK158 in combination with their immunotherapy products in development pipeline and on the market.

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